Is Paul Stevenson a crook…or just a grossly incompentent moron?

Just to be clear that question/headline wasn’t being used for click bait. Exitus Elite, after predictibly failing miserably has conveniently been renamed to Exitus 500.

And unfortunately, do Stevenson’s bizarre behavior during the Exitus Elite (now Exitus 500) debacle, it has become such a frequently (and legitimately) asked question that it warranted me dedicating an entire post to address it.

Followed by other questions such as, “Is Paul Stevenson stupid?” as well as “Is Exitus Elite/Exitus 500 a scam?”.

But as someone who has been an internet marker with a HIGH RISK merchant account for more than 15 years, I have to laugh at his pathetic, and disingenuous excuses for why his various merchant accounts all got shut down…”it’s from all the refund requests”, whines Paul.

To the newbie, and those that don’t know anything about this industry, along with how to manage these types of merchant accounts, it might seem plausible.

But for those of us “in the know” about how these types of businesses work, Paul has (apparently unknowingly) exposed himself for the incompetent and clueless (mis)manager that he is. This guy is so far in over his head that he’s evidently oblivious to how badly he’s embarrassing himself.

He was so insecure that he conducted an open conference call talking of how he regretted increasing the Exitus Elite membership fee from $1,000 to $1,300…before finally changing his mind to bring it back down to $1,000 again….not to mention how he had the audacity to openly lambaste members for sending in support tickets because they were legitimately concerned about his unstable rants and rule changes.

Paul Stevenson is the epitome of just another bush league squirrel trying to get a nut…just your typical pseudo-internet marketer who is trying to posture themselves as some kind of authority figure.

Here’s the truth: Paul Stevenson is either a liar/crook….or a completely incompetent, bumbling idiot….or he may just be all of that.

But one’s thing’s for sure: Paul Stevenon of Exitus Elite (now Exitus 500) is more “Clueless” than Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher in the movie.

For those who bought in to any of his harebrained schemes, you’re best advised to cut your losses and move on.


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