Paul Stevenson goes on another sociopathic rant – in his newsletter!

Paul Stevenson’s paranoia gets the best of his once again, as he sent this Exitus Elite “update” to all members, before changing his mind and sending out a retraction. This guy is all kinds of batshit crazy, which is why his companies are doomed to fail….read it for yourself, as dated on 2017-09-28 as follows:


It has been bought to my attention that a number of leaders/members are actively discouraging their existing team members NOT to renew their Exitus Elite membership as they have something better to offer.

The main reason…they know they cannot make any money themselves by you renewing your membership, BUT if they can shift you to a NEW deal, they will profit from you yet again.

This is literally taking money from the company and will not be tolerated.

This email is to inform you that I will be terminating the membership of a number of Exitus Elite leaders/members over the next 48 hours.

This decision is not something I have taken lightly, and it is taken with a heavy heart, but in business tough decisions need to be made sometimes.

I have always put my members first and will continue to do so. If your sponsor is terminated and you wish to stay with Exitus Elite, please email support, we will take great care of you.

If you decide to follow your leader, then I wish you good luck.

Exitus Elite prides itself on integrity and honesty, it’s a shame others do not have the same moral ethics.

I will be back later with an update about further great enhancements to EE including the “Magic Words” Webinar, a tremendous new lead source and a huge Affiliate announcement that will put even more money your way!

Paul Stevenson
Exitus Elite

Is Paul Stevenson a crook…or just a grossly incompentent moron?

Just to be clear that question/headline wasn’t being used for click bait. Exitus Elite, after predictibly failing miserably has conveniently been renamed to Exitus 500.

And unfortunately, do Stevenson’s bizarre behavior during the Exitus Elite (now Exitus 500) debacle, it has become such a frequently (and legitimately) asked question that it warranted me dedicating an entire post to address it.

Followed by other questions such as, “Is Paul Stevenson stupid?” as well as “Is Exitus Elite/Exitus 500 a scam?”.

But as someone who has been an internet marker with a HIGH RISK merchant account for more than 15 years, I have to laugh at his pathetic, and disingenuous excuses for why his various merchant accounts all got shut down…”it’s from all the refund requests”, whines Paul.

To the newbie, and those that don’t know anything about this industry, along with how to manage these types of merchant accounts, it might seem plausible.

But for those of us “in the know” about how these types of businesses work, Paul has (apparently unknowingly) exposed himself for the incompetent and clueless (mis)manager that he is. This guy is so far in over his head that he’s evidently oblivious to how badly he’s embarrassing himself.

He was so insecure that he conducted an open conference call talking of how he regretted increasing the Exitus Elite membership fee from $1,000 to $1,300…before finally changing his mind to bring it back down to $1,000 again….not to mention how he had the audacity to openly lambaste members for sending in support tickets because they were legitimately concerned about his unstable rants and rule changes.

Paul Stevenson is the epitome of just another bush league squirrel trying to get a nut…just your typical pseudo-internet marketer who is trying to posture themselves as some kind of authority figure.

Here’s the truth: Paul Stevenson is either a liar/crook….or a completely incompetent, bumbling idiot….or he may just be all of that.

But one’s thing’s for sure: Paul Stevenon of Exitus Elite (now Exitus 500) is more “Clueless” than Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher in the movie.

For those who bought in to any of his harebrained schemes, you’re best advised to cut your losses and move on.


Re: Exitus 500 MEMBER UPDATE – September 16, 2016

[As posted by Paul Stevenson in the Exitus Elite Back Office]

Exitus Members,
This will not be your typical back office update. I intend to cover a lot of material and inform you of where we are and what is going on within Exitus. In addition, I also wanted to inform each of you that we will be scheduling a call in the very near future to explain and discuss this update and its contents even further. We will post the time for the call and the “call in” or “join webcast” details in the back office as soon as we have it put in place, so please watch for that announcement.

Before diving into the details of this update, please allow me to first say Thank You to each of you, as you have supported Exitus and stood by our side while we experience these growing pains. When it is said and done, growth is what we all ultimately want. It must be met head on with excitement and resolution to each and every obstacle, all the while, understanding that it isn’t resolved immediately without putting the proper procedures and implementation vehicles in place. That takes time. However, we do apologize for the unintended upheaval that our initial responses may have caused. These were never expected and of course unintentional, but do go along with growth and change. Our intended results were to only improve the opportunity for you, our members, and those new members coming on board now and in the future and that will never change.

It is paramount to understand that it is only because of all of your efforts and your hard work that we have experienced the phenomenal and monumental growth that we have experienced in such a short period of time. This update is intended to be informative for each of you as members and should put to rest some of your questions and concerns. All of us here at Exitus are grateful and extremely honored to be in business and associated with such high quality people as you, our membership. Our Members always have been, and will always be our most important asset!
After much thought and contemplation I wanted to release a very sincere and detailed update to the membership of Exitus so that each of you know where we are at the moment. In addition, I also wanted to give you some explanation of the issues we have been facing that have caused various questions to arise about the specific direction Exitus is taking as well. First and foremost I cannot express strongly enough that Exitus is very alive and well and getting better every day. With the resolution of each problem scenario arises a new opportunity for Exitus to continue to grow and maintain itself as one of the major driving forces in the Online Business Opportunity World!

As I stated to some members personally today, and to clarify to one and all, Exitus will be made available to all new joining members for an annual $299 membership fee along with a $1,000 initial cost to join, for a total cost of $1,299. This total cost will give the new member access to the Genesis Digital Product Library for personal use and the resell rights to sell the Genesis Digital Product Library to their own new team members and in turn provide the new team member the same capabilities for their own new members and their own teams. At this current time it is one product and one price! We are currently evaluating feedback to address and implement a new lower ticket option but we will only do that when everything is in place and our payment-processing is stabilized.

Trust me when I say that we are very aware of all the issues that have been encountered; i.e., price changes, campaigns, yes or no on multiple levels of product line, infrastructure, call center, payment processing and every other issue that exists, whether it be large or small, and we are doing everything humanly possible to quickly and effectively put systems in place to make the whole process with Exitus BETTER than ever before.
Now, to the topics at hand:


As stated earlier in this update, our growth has been extremely rapid and has exceeded all expectations. Due to that fact, our growth has outrun our established infrastructure, which, quite frankly, is really a good problem to have. To answer that issue we have hired additional personnel in various duty assignments to accommodate the additional workload that comes along with a fast moving and growing organization. This additional staffing will handle the responses to the high volume of Voice Mails received and the timely response to support tickets. We have asked, and we will continue to ask you, to please refrain from filing duplicate support tickets. If we have one support ticket, we will answer that ticket based on the potential impact and level of importance of that issue, hence the hiring of the additional personnel. We are also looking at other high performance functionality vehicles to implement in the back office that will help each of you and your organizations grow at a more rapid pace.


Payment Processing:

An issue of an extreme magnitude that needs to be addressed is the payment-processing problem, we feel we now have handled. This all unnecessarily evolved from the multiple refund requests from new members that were recruited and then left “high and dry” by their sponsors that had collected their $1,000 and then simply disappeared.

In this same vein, a large number of these refunds also occurred because the new member was from a non-English speaking country and Exitus is designed to be offered to those that speak and understand English. Without their sponsor’s assistance it posed an obvious barrier to their possibility of success. We have now requested to all of our members that they ONLY recruit and enroll people that are from primarily English speaking countries.

Some uninformed members thought they were not going to get what they paid Exitus to do with their campaigns. Nothing is further from the truth! As is common knowledge, however, payment-processing companies become wary and concerned when a larger than expected number of refunds are requested that exceed past historical data within a company. Needless to say, we have always had a stellar position with our processing company and members requesting refunds were never expected.

This action, without discussion with us at all, has caused a difficult and unnecessary problem for us that has taken days to resolve and we would respectfully request that anyone contemplating asking for a refund of their $299.00 annual membership fee to PLEASE hold off on that request and give us the opportunity to address the reason for your refund request.

If it is related to a campaign you’ve purchased, your campaign will be ran and it will be better than it would have been in the first place, simply because of the establishment of the new campaign guidelines that will result in much higher quality and qualified leads ready to join your team! That is the initial reason anyone runs a campaign in the first place and we fully intend to deliver on that expectation!



I want to emphatically stress one more time that if you have purchased a campaign, DO NOT WORRY because your campaign will run! Having said that, campaigns are currently “on hold” until our payment-processing scenario is completely resolved, as addressed above, which is imminent and we believe is resolved.

We are streamlining the new campaign process to be more effective and more productive but it does not make sense to initiate a campaign without a way to process the payments without issues and in a timely fashion. It is important to understand that we had to slow down and deliver what the member has paid for on their current campaigns and to do that we have to make sure to be able to process the payment immediately, so for the past few days that has taken precedence.

I know it goes without saying that an explanation of that aspect is certainly not required for any of us. No payment processor, no profits for any of us! It is just that simple. However, we do feel we have gotten that resolved as I write this, after much discussion and interaction with our processors.

Last, due to the feedback from many on stopping the campaigns altogether, we will continue to offer the purchase of a campaign, however it will not be a “Done For You” campaign any longer. The new campaigns will be put together differently in that they will produce a much higher quality lead that is qualified to purchase and ready to join your business.

Everyone must keep in mind this is THEIR business! Should you need assistance with getting your new team members up and running, you will have an option to contract with an EVA to assist you with the onboarding of a new team member. Additional details regarding this role and the cost associated with this service will be addressed during the upcoming webinar.

You are the CEO and we have all learned that you cannot simply sit back and just let the money roll in because in this industry, it just doesn’t work that way. You must have interaction with the new prospective team member because you are the leader of the team! Leaders truly need to step up and assist those on their team. We are a prime example of the statement I made last week and will state it once again, “Feed a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

If you aren’t going to help and support that new member, then don’t take his/her money! If it continues to happen, we will simply take that member and move them to someone who will help them. This is a business and must be treated like a business and one of the requirements is to train and assist your new members. They paid us and we must earn it!


Call Center and EVA’s:

As you know we have implemented an immediate association with a professional Call Center to help handle the huge numbers of responses we have had to our campaigns that have ran to date. The large numbers of leads issued to the EVA’s have been overwhelming, to the extent that some of our initial EVA’s just couldn’t handle it and resigned immediately, which did NO ONE any favors. (It isn’t a job for the “faint of heart.”)

When discussing the number of outstanding campaigns with the contracted lead vendor late last week, it was unexpectedly discovered that while we were expecting to find 150 outstanding campaigns, left to be implemented, we were informed there were actually 450!!! Needless to say, you can only imagine the unbridled carnage that ensued upon that discovery. But, as we have stated, we are a company of integrity and if you have paid for a campaign, IT WILL RUN!!

With this many campaigns, additional Call Center staff are needed to handle the increase in call volume which has impacted our delivery timeline and has pushed back the start date for the remaining campaigns. The lead vendor is aware of the impact this has caused Exitus Member which have purchased campaigns, and as a gesture for the delay and the continued monthly service charge, they are adding an additional 150 leads to each campaign at no charge to the member. As far as EVA’s are concerned, the remaining EVA’s have been incredible and there will be positions for select EVA’s that will garner positions within the company for various duties, but the vast majority of those duties will be interacting with and assisting members in all aspects of setting up and establishing their businesses. We truly prize these EVA’s and will discuss their utilization further on our follow up call to this update.

I hope this lengthy dissertation tells you how incredibly proud we are to be associated with you as our member and also lets you know how important each of you are to us. I can confidently tell you that Exitus is in a stronger position now than it has ever been, and we are poised to continue to grow at a lightning fast pace and we want you to be with us!

This is our primary livelihood and our legacy and we will always strive to put the membership first, but we will NEVER allow Exitus to attempt to be what it isn’t. I think that is what you want and I know it is most definitely what we will have. We will continue to be recognized as the most desirable and effective Online Business Opportunity in the World because of each of you.

All of us here are excited to see the continued growth and incredible future for all of you within the Exitus Community and Exitus Family! Please watch the back office for updates and for the detailed call/webinar instructions.

All the Best to each of you and your families!

Paul Stevenson and everyone at Exitus Elite